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. that changed during the healthcare debate, during the debate of obamacare and the debate of obamacare and the health industry, especially pharmaceutical and insurance companies, became the biggest spenders on lobbying during that period. so you see how it shifts as legislation comes and goes. they're, you know, the money follows power and influence. they're, so this is, i think evidence of that. >> but there's, you know, the people who are working for example at the sec, at the securities and exchange commission are quite handsomely paid. they are not on the civil service schedule. so it's important when some people say, "well, how could you ask someone not to take, you know to be underpaid for the rest of their lives when they could make so much more money on wall street." in fact they're actually quite well paid in order to keep try to keep people in the public service. and frankly for many decades being in public service as a lifetime career as sheila's talking about was considered a very honorable profession. and i think that is the kind of thing we need to try to work back to is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1